Finally! An easy way to restore old, slow computers and make them like new!

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Make that old Windows laptop or desktop run like new again.  Don't throw out that old computer - make it like new with Xtra-PC®!

Xtra-PC Basic


8 GB Capacity
Tiny USB Stick
 Works on all PCs

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30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

8 GB Drive

Xtra-PC 16 

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Big 16 GB Capacity
 Tiny USB Stick  Works on all PCs

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16 GB Drive

Xtra-PC Turbo

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HUGE 64 GB Capacity
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64 GB Drive!

Xtra-PC Pro

Sale! $79.95

HUGE 128 GB Capacity
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Reg. $159.95

128 GB Drive + FREE File-Rez Software ($50 Value!)

Xtra-PC works on nearly all PCs manufactured since 2003. It is an innovative USB stick that is pre-loaded with a Linux-based operating system. Old Windows-based operating systems like XP, Vista, 7, etc. are slow and no longer supported by Microsoft.  Xtra-PC bypasses Windows and all that sluggish bloatware to restore your computer to blazing fast speed - guaranteed!

How Does Xtra-PC Work?

No Installation Required!

Xtra-PC works from any open USB port on your computer or laptop - no installation required!  Simply follow the instructions that come with your Xtra-PC and boot to the new USB drive, and you're back in business!  It couldn't be more simple.  

Don't Waste Money on a New Computer - Restore It!

You could spend $500, $750, even $1,000 for a new computer.  Don't waste your hard-earned money.  Restore your old computer to blazing fast speed for less than the cost of dinner out!  Plus, get more storage space that likely came with computer originally.  You really can't go wrong with our 30-day, money-back guarantee!

Dead Hard Drive?  No Problem!  Xtra-PC Works!

Xtra-PC is the perfect solution for a computer that has a malfunctioning or dead hard drive.  When you purchase the Xtra-PC Pro edition, it comes complete with File-Rez software that will help you restore files off your old hard drive and then run your computer off the new, 128GB USB Xtra-PC drive.

"An amazing invention - I'm using it now!!! I'm really amazed at how well this works...this software works exactly like a PC. The computer I'm on is full of viruses and I would never use it again, except for Xtra-PC and its entirely separate operating system."

-- Larry McCrey - Facebook User 

"Absolutely an amazing product! My brother's computer "died". I suggested he try this price conscious solution. With its quick and simple installation, his computer was up and running perfectly in a matter of a few short minutes. In fact, it now processes faster than it did when it was brand new!"

"My IBM got new soul."

- Matti Juntunen - Facebook User


Watch the 60-second Video to see how Xtra-PC® works!

"It's like Getting a Whole New Computer!

Testimonials - Over 50,000 sold!

-- Amazon Purchaser - Jan 2017

"Honestly there really isn't another product out there that can do this. I can't factory reset my old computer because I lost the backup drivers disk and I can't download them online because it's too outdated. With this little USB, it completely remodeled my computer and made it seem like a new updated factory reset computer while keeping all my important files and I couldn't be happier. Now my wife and I can Skype with our grandkids without the computer crashing."

-- Amazon Purchaser - Jan 2017

Over 50,000 Sold! 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee!

Check out this Demo Video of Xtra-PC!

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